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E.E. Pointer

Trumpet/ Composer/Recording Artist/Clinician


Pointer currently is featured soloist in the internationally acclaimed River Cow Orchestra from Kansas City, MO. He has performed or recorded with the Nortons, Perfumed Nightmare, the Necessity Brass Band, the Loose Cannon Brass Band and the Zen Trumpet. Mr. Pointer performs on a custom crafted Harrelson “Summit” (2009) trumpet with a custom 5MM mouthpiece by Jason Harrelson.                                                                                             

Composer and Performer

Pointer produced, composed and performed his three solo CD’s, “...Better Late, Than Never...”(2004),“Vignettes”(2007), and “Necessary Road” (2020).

Recording Artist

Pointer’s Discography includes: “...Better Late, Than Never...” (2004), “Vignettes” (2007), “Necessary Road” (2020),  Unreleased (2006) with Loose Cannon Brass Band , “Underpass” (2005) with Perfumed Nightmare, “Emerging”(2008), “The Tyranny and Grace of Good Socks” (2009) “Secret Sickness” (2009), “Live at the Farris” (2010), “Mother Tongue” (2011), “Go Wake The Rooster” (2011), “This Is Not a Bill” (2012), “Going Softly into The Good Night” (2013), “Finding Water” (2014), “Waltz of Hearts”(2015), “Can’t Change the Weather” (2015), “Cha Pooka” (2016), “Too High, Too Soon” (2016), “The Devil Inside The Box” (2017), “Ipso Facto” (2017), “Apples and 3.14” (2018), “Grinder” (2018), and “Dichromatic Demons (Live @ KKFI)” (2018), “Intergalactic Love Men” (2018), “Serious Tools” (2019), “Celery” (2019), and “First Bliss” (2020) with River Cow Orchestra.


Pointer is available for performances in all musical styles and has a number of presentations/clinics/workshops including:

“ The Art of Free Improvisation”, “Master Brass”, “Music Festival Blues & Rituals” , “Listening and Creating” (Finding Your Sound and Evolving Musically!)

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cell           816.419.6446



                                           All appearance and performance fees are negotiable

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