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“........the sweet soul of Lee Morgan, the cool of Chet Baker, the technique of Freddie Hubbard, and the creativity of Don Ellis….

Brent Bowman ( River Cow Orchestra)


“These nine tracks fuse, swirl, and layer free jazz, pop, classical, funk, ambient, world, and bluegrass music throughout the compositions. Put that between two slices of wheat bread and you've got a heckuva sandwich.

The lead track, "Cavern Dance," has a club beat circa 1983 that conjures images of b-boys bustin' moves in parachute pants. Once the beat is laid down, a crazy dash of synth notes run in frenetic bursts and a brassy trumpet wedges into place. Club, free jazz, world rhythm flourishes - check, check, check. It's all there.

"Vignettes" is a meditative bird with its melancholy trumpet working its flight path around the deep thrum of a bass. A little over five minutes into the piece, a piano and ambient sounds wander into the mix like creepy B-movie characters that slowly smother the trumpet.

"Canine Logic" has a zippy beat and lofty organ sound, building a pedestal for the trumpet to tout its message to the heavens. Some nifty whistling, heavily processed, adds peppy character to the piece. Think extended version of an upbeat theme song to a high-concept sitcom.

Vignettes is an offering best consumed like a dense, rich chocolate cake with flavors of hazelnut, espresso, and Grand Marnier infused into various layers. Intake the whole thing quickly and you'll get a broad taste of what Pointer has produced with some satisfaction. Savoring each layer, each composition, for its immediate and nuanced flavors will extend the experience.”

Present Magazine (Pete Dulin)

" ….Better Late, Than Never……"

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