The Back Story

                                                                               with Jonathan Pointer (on the right), circa, 1958

E.E. Pointer was born, raised and schooled in Missouri and resides there today.  His parents made his childhood years a wonderful experience for all involved.  His brothers and sister are all talented artistic people who owe much to the time they spent in a loving and sharing musical home. Pointer started playing keyboards at the age of  five and thge trumpet at the age of ten.  Before beginning a career in music education as an instrumental music teacher, he had various character building work experiences,  including working on a barge, working at farm labor, working as a track laborer on the railroad, sacking groceries, working in a library and working as a goldsmith.  In his musical career he has played in pizza joints, polka bands, brass choirs, concert bands, orchestras, pit bands, jazz ensembles, brass bands, R & B groups, rock bands, blues bands….in other words, like many other working musicians, Pointer is a trumpet player, composer and teacher who is constantly looking for new musical challenges.He has raised two children (a handsome son and a beautiful daughter) of his own, found a wonderful family extension with his wife's two extraordinary children (a beautiful daughter and a handsome son).  He and his wife have been blessed with nine glorious grandchildren and love every minute of the experience.  

Pointer's inspirations are his experiences...

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